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I Believe in One God

Obama is gonna lose… Part 2

Well, maybe not.

He just might be too pretty, too smooth and too sexy.  (??)

McCain too old, too experienced, too injured, too unsexy.

I often get upset when Democrats treat Americans as if they are sooo stupid and they (the dems) need to run your life for you because you are just too damn dumb.  But I think they are right that Americans are dumb.  But not in the way they think.  They are smart enough to run their everyday lives (well, for the most part)… but the anti-intellectualism that exists in our society, the need for grandeur, the drive for instant gratification, etc. plays to Obama; and here is the contradiction.  Obama is supposed to be an intellectual and (God help us if we hear this much more) nuanced.  Make me sick.  If umm-ing your way through an answer in nuanced, then I am a fricking genius.  Anyway, we can’t stay focussed for 2 minutes to hear even a ridiculously idiotic answer to a question, and we are anti-intellectual, but then we feel good somehow (maybe making peace with our anti-intellectualism) voting for the guy who is nuanced?  Whatever.


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