Credo in Unum Deum

I Believe in One God

Why Good Scotch is Good…

It is tasty.  It is subtle.  It is peaceful.  It is relaxing.  It lifts the mind from the base things of this world to the high things of this world.  God was good in giving us this masterful drink via the ingenuity of 4th and 5th century monks in Scotland.

Scotch.. another reason to be Catholic!  What else but the Catholic Church could have given us such a beautiful libation? 😉


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Yes, I am still here…

Just finishing up three philosophy course, two of which have have kicked my butt.  I do have a rather large Plato post to put up here when I get a chance.  So much good news from Rome that I have not been commenting on… But you gotta prioritize. In brief:  Started an Una Voce chapter in my area… sweet deal.  Wrote lots of papers… wrote more papers…. taught piano lessons… wrote more papers… read Analytic Philosophy until I wanted to kill myself, but talked myself out of it by playing a word game. Later.

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