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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad– nuts or crazy like a fox?

This fellow is insane, right? Please say he is… or is he a true believer? I listened to his address this afternoon at the U.N. and the man is good. He hit the morality thing right away. But all the media hears is an intolerant boob who you can’t take seriously. Folks, this guy believe in an eschatology that he thinks is unfolding right now. Did you hear him offer us one more chance to convert? Did you hear what would happen to us if we didn’t? Now truly, Christians shouldn’t find the images that disturbing. Christ will return the conquering King and “every knee will bow”… and the doesn’t mean in humble, obedient worship necessarily. What is disturbing is that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seems to be hell-bent on bringing the Islamic Messiah on the scene now (in a way that reminds me of hyper-Dispensationalists that have planned to bomb the Dome of the Rock to hasten the Middle Coming– you know that not-so-secret-Secret-rapture thingy before Armageddon). The media analyzes him politically and is so ignorant/dismissive of the theology that drives this guy and his followers. They are so committed to the Enlightenment separation of religion and reason that they are completely unaware of that commitment. They don’t know any better! But while they laugh at him for saying that Iran doesn’t have the problem with homosexuals that we do here in the U.S. (which when I heard I knew he meant that the problem is so small that it is nearly non-existent- kinda like saying we have full-employment in the US— we don’t but the unemployment is soooo low that we can say we do), he is strolling around the streets of NY getting more moral and intellectual ammo which he will unload on us in the form of a Nuke.

While I despise the man, I couldn’t help but agree with his essential moral critique of our culture. Don’t we degrade women? Don’t we try to destroy the family and especially the children with contraception, abortion, Hollywood movies, the Music Industry, sales of sex, etc, etc, etc??? Putting aside the way women are actually treated over there (which I hear is very bad), hearing his comments about women being the instantiation of divine beauty, purity and love was refreshing. I am used to only hearing that from poetic Catholics!

As I was listening, and was frightened, I began to understand how after 9/11, conversion to Islam jumped by over 400%. They believe something- the roles of men and women are well-defined (even if is too radical, it is well-defined), there is a commitment to some concrete set of values. While we celebrate our freedom to be the things that the Old Testament, Romans, Corinthians and Plato the great Philosopher condemn, Islamic freaks like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his like are doing what Moses, Paul and Plato said we ought to do… forbid homosexuality! Insane that a Islamocrazy believes what God says better than we, a “Christian” nation, do.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a madman, and his religion will send folks to hell just as well as any ideology pushing homosexuality as a good and natural thing. But in addition to the spiritual destruction caused by the religion of Islam, this guy wants to cause good old fashioned physical destruction on a world-wide scale. And while we hold hands with all religions of peace *barf* and sing “We didn’t start the fire” in our non-judgmental tone and all pray together for mutual understanding and peace among all the peoples of the world, Militant Islam is acting on convictions- the worst convictions, to be sure. “If you convert to Islam, you will be saved,” he says. Well, let’s not convert to Islam, but let try and convert to Christianity. Let’s not give him and his followers a legitimate moral trump card to play. If we turn our hearts to God, then he’ll have to drop the moral card, and play the true card. We are the people of God, and he isn’t… he belongs to Satan and we don’t and he wants to destroy us for that reason. But for now, he can cloud the whole issue with a true criticism of our pathetic immorality.

Now it is important to point out that I am not saying if, God forbid, Crazy Mahmoud attacks us it will be because God is punishing us for our sins… that is Crazy Mahmoud’s logic. Who has known the mind of the Lord? Not me on this issue. He hasn’t phoned lately and I don’t think ‘ll be getting a line from Him any time soon. If that Islamobastard attacks us, we’ll blow him back to the early Middle Ages and rightly so. I am merely trying to give folks some understanding of his rationale that the media just can’t seem to figure out.

Does he really believe that he is a true follower of God? I think he does, but who knows. What I do know is that he’ll act on his violent convictions if he has the chance. May God save us.

Note/Disclaimer: Those of you at the FBI and Homeland Security reading this need not worry... I am a Republican who voted for Bush.

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