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U.S. Ordinary, Msgr. Steenson, for the Anglican Use Ordinariate. Issued this statement about the Traditional Mass. It’s … wait for it … NOT part of Anglican patrimony. So, Msgr. Steenson, what the hell was it the English priests were doing before the Protestant rebellion? I’ve expressed fears that the Anglican patrimony was a Protestant parimony. I thought they were Catholic. How can you reject your complete heritage and cling only to a heritage which was borne out of rebellion to Holy Mother Church and, therefore, rebellion to Christ? While I have tried to repress my fears that the Anglican Use folks want to be Catholic Protestants, statements like this don’t help me strain interpretations in a charitable way. The Traditional Mass is not a part of the heritage of the English Church? Patently absurd! What’s worse, he says that new Anglican Use litrugy is to be brought into line with the Novus Ordo Mass which is clearly a part of Anglican heritage… oh wait. No it isn’t. So maybe he’s just anti-traditional. And what about the English Missal?? This was used in the Protestant English tradition and it is basically an English translation of the Trad Mass (with a few minor changes). So I guess that part of the patrimony is nixed. So Maybe I am right. This guy wants the truly Protestant portion of the Anglican patrimony to stand and the traditional (read *Catholic*) parts to fall… and to add insult to injury, merge the Anglican Use with the New Mass. Yeah, it all fits.
I know some clerics in the Anglican Use will not be happy with this direction being taken here, even if they would never bother with the Trad Mass. They don’t want a mix of the BDW with the NOM. As Michael Davies pointed out:
“In his Introduction to the French edition of The Reform of the Roman Liturgy by Msgr. Klaus Gamber, Cardinal Ratzinger wrote: J. A. Jungmann, one of the truly great liturgists of our time, defined the liturgy of his day, such as it could be understood in the light of historical research, as a “liturgy which is the fruit of development” . . . What happened after the Council was something else entirely: in the place of the liturgy as the fruit of development came fabricated liturgy. We abandoned the organic, living process of growth and development over centuries and replaced it, as in a manufacturing process, with a *fabrication, a banal on-the-spot product*.” Well, if the New Mass is a banal, on-the-spot product, what are we to think of the Anglican Use, which is a patch work of different valid and invalid rites and Protestant tradition. So let’s mix the patch work with the bana;, on-the-spot production… yeah, that’ll be good.

Rorate has a good note about this:


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