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I Believe in One God

Obama is gonna lose…

I suppose anyone who might see this would say, “Well, duh, you’re a trad-cath.  Of course you want him to lose.”  But I think there is more to my doubts about his winning than my trad-catholicism.  The polls say everything.  There is no way on earth that he should be trailing, or tied with, or even just a couple points up on McCain right now.  This has to have to Obama folks scared to death.  His biggest mistake (and smallest) was not picking Hillary as VP.  Biggest because he is going to lose without her.  Smallest because had he won with her, Bill and Hill would have been really running the show and everybody would have known it, no matter what the protestations to the contrary would have been.

I figure it comes down to this:  How do you want the world to end?  Obama’s way or McCain’s way?  Still, I can’t see voting for the one candidate who is on the record FOR infanticide.  But, hey, I am not one to judge.


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