Credo in Unum Deum

I Believe in One God

Our faith rests on Divine Authority

I suggest that you first (re)acquaint yourself with my initial post on faith–

–before reading this. This is sort of a further explanation of that post.

Since without faith we cannot be saved, and faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God, it seems to be that our faith must be in the Word of God. Now of course, the Word of God is so much more vast than the Bible and is not even primarily the Bible, but Jesus, the eternal Logos. But there are certain propositions that proceed from the mouth of God that are to be believed. These include items like the Messiahship of Jesus, the Death and Resurrection, the Atonement, that one must repent and renounce the devil and the world– basically the gospel here.

Faith then must rest on the Divine Word spoken to us. This Divine Word is given by Divine Authority, since it is given by the Blessed Trinity. This Divine Authority must speak either directly or immediately to us, or mediately via some creature. The medium hypothetically posited has no inherent Divine Authority. If I am spoken to immediately then my faith in the Word will be based on the immediate experience with the Divine Authority. If I am spoken to mediately, then my faith will be based not on Divine Authority, but whatever authority the medium has. Therefore, unless God speaks to me immediately, I cannot exercise Faith because I am not believing the Word of God based on God’s Divine Authority, but of the medium’s authority.

But this is repugnant. But if I insert that in addition to the fact that the medium possesses no inherent authority, that God bestows upon the medium His own Authority in certain matters, then I can exercise Faith since the act of Faith rests on the Authority of God delegated to the medium which I directly experience.

Since the only Church that claims to possess this kind of Authority and has so from the beginning (if you dispute this, please keep quiet until you read the early Fathers) is the Catholic Church, it follows that the only way we can exercise Faith is if we believe what the Church teaches, or if God comes to us immediately and reveals to us the Truth.

The public nature of revelation (truth) should be discussed. But not now… I am tired.


May 26, 2008 - Posted by | Catholicism, Controversial, Protestantism, Religion

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