Credo in Unum Deum

I Believe in One God

Resistance to the Motu Proprio

There is a eerie feeling one gets when people who have promised their lives to the Church and to the shepherding of Christ’s flock blatantly oppose the Traditional Mass, the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  I am a personal witness to this and it causes a whole series of emotional, intellectual and spiritual reactions in me- from anger, to sadness, to bewilderment, to hardened resolve and everything in between.  I think to myself, “Is this no longer a struggle for the Mass or is it about power?”  I do not think that some of those those who oppose this, the most beautiful expression of the Mass, do so because they actually dislike the traditional Mass so much.  Nearly all of them don’t even know what it is!  How can you dislike what you in fact know absolutely nothing of!  I really believe that somehow they believe that it represents a threat to the control they exercise.  Sadly, from my experience, most who are opposed to the Motu Proprio do not have theological problems with it because they lack the necessary theological formation to make an argument.  Those who do have that formation put up rather weak and obviously transparent reasons to not implement Summorum Pontificum in the way that is equally obvious and transparent in Summorum Pontificum.  Perceived loss of power and control seem to be the culprit to this observer.

But then there is a deeper and more ominous reason for the resistance.  Michael Davies uttered many beautiful words about the old Mass.  But among all that I have heard or read, one statement he made has stuck with me and has been brought back to the front of my thinking since the post-motu resistance began.  He said that the Fathers of Trent had built up a Mass that was impregnable to the attacks of Satan and heresy.  Whether that was poetic hyperbole, or the literal truth, the force of the statement is still gripping.  If true, in either interpretation, (and I believe it is true) then the resistance has thrown on it a more sinister light than a mere ignorant and sickening fear of loss of power (as horrid as that thought is).  If true, then la Résistance then becomes a tool in the Devil’s own hand.  He has been busy for the last 100 years tearing apart our foundations theologically and worse still morally.  He has convinced Catholics that they no longer need penance to be saved, although Christ said so- no longer are Fridays days of penance.  He has convinced us that children are not one of the most precious gifts that God can choose to give to His people- contraception is okay.  He has convinced us that the old superstitious days are past- alchemy and the Real Presence are nice for fairy tales, but in real life…  He has convinced us that the only virtue that matters is Tolerance- Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus is intolerable.  Where do we stop?  This is hardly a sufficient list, but it must suffice for now.  These dogmas were a part of the Old Mass.  Unmistakable.  Undefeatable.  Indefectible.  These formed the theoretical and moral basis for Catholic living.  These “old” ideas are mostly in the minority now in the Church.  If even 51% of American Catholics believe in the Real Presence (if 98% do!) that constitutes one of Satan’s greatest victories since the Protestant Rebellion.*

The fight for the Mass is not a fight for nostalgia or how we feel when we hear a Latin chant or smell the glorious incense or etc.  (although all that is really swell!).  It is not even a fight for just the “Old Mass”.  No this is a fight for the Faith itself.  And the Traditional Mass embodies the faith of our fathers, that holy faith, in the most perfect way to date.  Can and should changes be made?  “If the good of the faithful certainly require it.”  Understood objectively (good=real and not apparent good, certainly require=certainly require), I say yes.

Keep the Faith.  May we be worthy of the company of the 4000 slaughtered at Devon by Cranmer’s satanic forces because they would rather die than alter the Mass of God wherein we find supernatural life in the receiving of the Most Precious Body and Blood of our Lord.

*Obviously, the Church has not failed and changed her teachings on these matters.  But there has been a decisive failure to teach on the part of her ministers and the people have (in some cases a small part in other cases in large part) ceased to believe the dogma of the Church.  I am no Sedevacantist.


October 7, 2007 - Posted by | Catholicism, Liturgy, Religion

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