Credo in Unum Deum

I Believe in One God

The Motu Proprio is all about SSPX… That’s all! wait…

So if it is all about SSPX and not those of us in the younger generation that have found and love the old liturgy (which is ever new), then we have some problems…

1.  If SSPX is “outside the Church” as some say, including my Bishop, then how can the document be working for “internal reconciliaition” as the Pope says?  If SSPX is “out” then the Pope must not understand that he cannot work for an internal reconciliation for a group that is not “in”… silly Ratzinger.

2.  If the “stable group” that has been in a “continuous” state refers exclusively to SSPX, then are the Bishops who believe that SSPX is “out” going to let them come into “their” Churches and set up shop there like the MP says they are to do?  Yeah,  riiiight.

Just some thoughts…


August 28, 2007 - Posted by | Catholicism, Liturgy, Religion

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