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I Believe in One God

On Why Women Ought not to Assist at Mass as (Extra)ordinary Eucharistic Ministers

It seems to follow from SyncContDunce’s illuminating article that women ought not to actively participate in Mass by administering the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist to her peers, the laity (leaving aside the question of whether having Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers was a good idea at this time in the Church- and also leaving aside how “Extraordinary” could become “Ordinary”- oh well, that gives me hope that the “Extraordinary” form of the Latin Rite will sometime soon become the “Ordinary”).

The priest goes up to the altar- he is Christ. The priest offers Christ to the Father- he is Christ offering himself to God the Father for the Salvation of the Church. The priest then gives Christ entire to the faithful- he is Christ, giving himself to His Holy Bride. As Dunce put it, we have a very luminous and intelligible metaphor if a priest (Christ and man) gives (Christ’s own body, blood, soul and divinity) to the assembled (his wife, the Church). It seems that the intelligibility of the metaphor is undone if a woman administers the Eucharist to the faithful. One might say that a sort of spiritual lesbianism results, though not strictly speaking. It might be more obvious that the situation is all wrong if these Extraordinary Ministers wore head coverings like they are commanded to by the Church. But laws that are not enforced are not practiced. That is the way it is…


July 6, 2007 - Posted by | Liturgy, Religion

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