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I Believe in One God

UPDATE AGAIN!!! IN RED Gloria in Excelsis Deo! Motu Mania to end July 7! Of course…

that just means that a different mania will follow. But has reported that the MP has been given to 30 (UPDATE: Correction about 15- initial reports were wrong- why does that not surprise me…) bishops around the world. Just a week and a half. Let us pray earnestly for the acceptance of this document by those who have up till now been negative towards the move. It is the will of the Holy Father. A reminder from a previous post of mine:

When it does come, and as we wait, let us pray for our bishops, pray especially for the Bishop of Rome, and pray for the faithful and the unity of the Church. Many will use this as an opportunity to divide further on both extreme sides. Let the freeing up of the Old Rite incite us to further holiness. That will be the best argument for why it is so desperately needed today… heck, for the last 40 years.

Also, Father Z’s 5 ROEs are good.

UPDATE: Vatican Information Service confirms yesterdays meeting:


VATICAN CITY, JUN 28, 2007 (VIS) – Given below is the text of a communique released today by the Holy See Press Office concerning Benedict XVI’s forthcoming “Motu Proprio” on the use of the Missal promulgated by Blessed John XXIII in 1962.

“Yesterday afternoon in the Vatican, a meeting was held under the presidency of the Cardinal Secretary of State in which the content and spirit of the Holy Father’s forthcoming ‘Motu Proprio’ on the use of the Missal promulgated by John XXIII in 1962 was explained to representatives from various episcopal conferences. The Holy Father also arrived to greet those present, spending nearly an hour in deep conversation with them.
“The publication of the document – which will be accompanied by an extensive personal letter from the Holy Father to individual bishops – is expected within a few days, once the document itself has been sent to all the bishops with an indication of when it will come into effect.”

The only thing missing is the date- July 7. Rorate Caeli is constantly harping on this; reminding us of the first two words, in Latin, of the upcoming document. “MOTU PROPRIO” kinda means that the Pope does it when he feels like it and nobody really knows when he’ll feel like it- that’s why it is on his own initiative. But I think that with something this big, there will be some sort of official timeline. No surprises. But at least it looks like it won’t be torpedoed this time. It was torpedoed two years ago. But now the Holy Father seems to have decided there is no stopping it this time.

Rorate gives us the following:

The calendar announced by Cardinal Bertone in his interview to Avvenire on June 3, 2007 follows the expected order: first, the letter to Chinese Catholics; then, the motu proprio on the liberalization of the Traditional Mass.

Hmmm… The letter to China will be released tomoorow at Noon, according to Holy See Press Office.


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  1. I think the phrase “an extensive personal letter” explains exactly how this Pope operates. He is deliberate, intelligent, and personal, just like many of his writings. I don’t think he ever expected to be able to act on his convictions about the liturgy, which was probably a big part of the hesitation.

    Comment by Clayton (robin's friend) | June 29, 2007

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