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Guy Sebastian, WYD and the rationale

Well, it appears that Guy’s statements were taken out of context and he was “caught off guard.” OK. Fine, so he doesn’t support gay unions. Wendy at Catholic Women’s League Wollongong responded to my post about Guy and WYD with a link to her blog which has a letter from Bishop Anthony Fisher , Coordinator for WYD 2008 (actually somebody responded for him). In that letter, the author, Jim Hanna (Director/Communications of WYD 08) defends the move and calls Guy, whom he acknowledges is not a Catholic, a faithful Christian. See for yourself:

Guy Sebastian is not a Catholic and therefore not a spokesman for the Catholic Church. He is, however, a faithful Christian as well as a very talented and popular young musician who has done a tremendous service for World Youth Day in co-writing and performing the song without demanding his usual royalties.

Guy is extraordinary amongst contemporary mainstream singers in (1) openly declaring his Christian faith (2) being a virgin who says that he will remain so until he marries and (3) being strongly pro-life and putting his money where his mouth is.

Hmm. That confuses me. If I remember my history right, Protestants are considered heretics officially by the Catholic Church. I say officially because our actions aren’t lining up with our infallible declarations concerning Protestant doctrine. I think we should all revisit Trent, and maybe read Pius IX letter opening Vatican I. How can a Protestant be a faithful Christian when s/he explicitly denies divine truth, given us by the Holy Spirit via the Church’s infallible declarations on doctrines like Transubstantiation, the Immaculate Conception, Papal Infallibility, etc.? Sure, Guy may be a faithful Protestant, but not a faithful Christian. The Church has defined what it means to be a faithful Christian who can be assured of entering eternal bliss. Only a Catholic can have the assurance of fulfilling the necessary conditions to be saved.

Faithful… yeah, my cat is a faithful Catholic, too– if I had a cat.


June 22, 2007 - Posted by | Entertainment, Religion

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  1. Hi there. The World Youth Day theme song was co-written by Gary Pinto – (a well known Catholic and musician) and Guy. They were invited by the church to submit a song. The story I heard was that GARY was contacted first and he contacted Guy to write with him because they had very little time. World Youth Day’s’ are half way through, and the message I’m getting is that all religions are being included and embraced.

    Comment by Lo | July 18, 2008

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