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Finally! Hard evidence for women bishops in herstory… I mean, history.

Thank goddess for the National Catholic Reporter! An amazing editorial finally gives the feminine in all of us a reason to rejoice. There were in fact woman priests and bishops. The damned male dominated Catholic Church has just hidden this from us. What about the following evidence?

A second-century fresco depicting seven women at table with cups of wine and seven baskets of bread. A eucharistic banquet with women priests? A ninth-century church mosaic of a female with the word episcopa over her head. A woman bishop? Truth is in the eye of the beholder. If evidence for “herstory” — female authority in the church — is there looking back at us from the mosaics, frescoes, burial inscriptions and ancient texts, the truth of it has seldom registered with our male-run church. History’s winners have chosen to ignore it.

But even if real history isn’t authoritative enough for these male-volent pig-dogs, then maybe Holy Scripture will be. Doesn’t St. Paul say that there is neither male nor female in the Church? Clearly, women ought to be allowed to be priestesses, bishops and popes.

Hey, I mean, who really cares about the teaching authority of the Church which has for 2000 years defined what is necessary for a person to become a priest. There has to be proper matter—and, sorry ladies, but you don’t got the proper matter. Then again, there are procedures… hmm. But thanks for playing “The Church is Right!” Maybe next time you’ll win—if you go with Dogma!


June 21, 2007 - Posted by | Religion

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  1. “truth is in the eye of the beholder” Thank for that refreshing bit of postmodernism. On to epistemological despair!

    Comment by Robin | June 21, 2007

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