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I Believe in One God

The Yankees and the Catholic Church… a tradition of winning.

Father Z had an interesting post on Tuesday about some of the money numbers between my Yankees and his Twins. The stat was how much each win had cost each team. Both teams had the same record at the time of the stat and the Twin were spending a little over 2 Mil. per win with the Yankees spending over 6.5 Mil. WOW! I don’t even know what those numbers mean, but there is something I do know.

A lot of people hate the Yankees just because they have won forever. “It somebody else’s turn!” we often hear. No, winning is something you earn with hard work. Nobody will dispute that Derek Jeter is one of the hardest , if not the hardest, workers in the Majors. How many super stars will lay down a sacrifice bunt? or runs like the World Championship is on the line if he doesn’t make it to first even when he is going to be thrown out before he gets 2/3 of the way there? or the many other things that stand-up guy does for the team? Why be upset at o, if you are a bombers fan, be embarassed at their success?

I hate sports analogies, but the Catholic Church has always won and always will. It must be that way… kinda goes with this promise of indefectibility and the gates not prevailing against it. But it seems that the enemies of the Church and even some Catholics themselves, are not pleased with our winning record. Maybe we are too good. No Church should stay on top forever. I mean, let’s let the lutherans have a game ever once and a while. Let’s sign a joint declaration on justification… or maybe, let’s tell the Anglicans that it was all a big mistake; Cranmer died in vain, and the 4 thousand Faithful in Devon that he murdered because they wanted their Catholic Mass (and in Latin thank you very much)… hey, why not put a Buddha on the altar at mass. He was a holy man, too. Hmm. Church militant… militant… militant…

Like Mr. Steinbrenner, I think the Catholic Church in America should dump a few billion (spiritual cash, not US dollars) into re-evangelizing the Catholic Church, and then build our farm system so we don’t have to get managers from Nigeria, India, and God knows where else.


June 13, 2007 - Posted by | Religion

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