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The Motu Proprio and the Catholic Left/Right─ The contradiction of the modern Catholic ─ UPDATED

It seems to me that there are some serious deficiencies in the modern Catholic, both liberal and conservative, in terms of how they argue against the freeing up of the most venerable Old Latin Mass. Here are a couple of the arguments, simplified, but maintaining the essence of the objections.

1a. Listen, hardly anybody goes to the old mass anymore. There isn’t any clamor for it. That’s because nobody can understand what’s being said. All the prayers and everything is in Latin and nobody knows that anymore. It is too impersonal, and the priest turns his back on the people.
1b. Oh well, even if it is freed up, it won’t make any difference because those who want it can already get it somewhere. What’s the point?
2. This is really not good. This is a step back. A return to the old days. The days when we called people heretics and refused to dialog with other religions, like Judaism. In fact, the Old Mass would be the cause of a major step backward in our valiant efforts in ecumenism. Why, the Old Mass actually has the priest praying for the conversion of the Jews!! What nerve! No, this is unacceptable. A good Jew is as assured of heaven as a good Catholic is assured of heaven. The faithful cannot be allowed to hear this religious bigotry.

So you tell me… where is the contradiction here? If A, nobody goes anymore because they can’t understand a word of it, and B, the MP won’t cause a splash because the few freaks that want to go already do go, then how does C follow─ that people who don’t go to the Old Mass who can’t understand a word of the priest’s prayers will come out bigoted against the Jews and praying (God forbid) for their conversion because of the priest’s prayer for the conversion of the Jews which will then cause this devolution in our inspired ecumaniacal dialog with false relgions?!?! Help me here, please!

UPDATE: Check out Father Z’s blog to see the latest prognostication of the release and also some interesting commentary about it that dovetails nicely with my own admirable insights above.


May 31, 2007 - Posted by | Religion

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  1. Credo your query raises a good point. Why is the TLM such a threat to such different groups? Maybe because the TLM itself will serve to unmask their hypocrasy and intellectual and moral failings.

    For both groups the TLM is proof that the Roman Catholic Church is semper idem. For the progressives, the Good Friday prayers testify to the continuity of the Church’s teaching and mission–to make disciples and restore all things in Christ. The TLM proves that the Church seeks everyone’s conversion, and all men (even Jews) are converts in spe.

    For the typical “conservative,” his version of papal theological positivism will simply effect a brain transplant by which he will retract his previous opposition to the TLM solely on the basis of the Pope’s fiat. Not a reasonabe or Catholic way to approach the question of the TLM (and certainly not the way Benedict approaches the question). But the “conservatives” want their own breach in the Tradition.

    But, why are they worried, why do they care? Nobody knows what’s going on in the TLM, and nobody attends it anyway.

    Comment by DvH | June 1, 2007

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