Credo in Unum Deum

I Believe in One God

Franz Liszt- My main man.

There is something special about the music of this man… something glorious. Yes, it is true that when we think of Liszt we often thing of the crazily and insanely fast, technical and LOUD music. But really more than half of his music for piano is soft and slow, while still insanely technical. I recommend the “New Discoveries 2” CD by Leslie Howard which is part of his superhuman feat of recording all of Liszt’s music for piano. He even found new stuff and completed others. That he is not in a rocking chair drooling on himself after playing all of Liszt’s stuff is also a tribute to his fortitude. There is a lot of Liszt that I listen to and say, “Man, I think I am gonna learn that.” Then I get the music and say, “Who on God’s green earth would put the time into learning this when you can listen to it?” Still, his Mephisto #2 is flippin’ sweet and I enjoy playing it.

Then there is his orchestral music. I remember at one point thinking that his piano music is better than his orchestral stuff because all I had heard was his E-flat Piano Concerto and maybe the transcription of Mephisto #1. Then I heard the Symphonic Poems, and then Dante. God forgive my presumption. It is glorious stuff. But then, I bought his choral mass and Via Crucis. The man is a first class choral and organ dude, too. So, he is my favorite composer of just about every genre- except opera. I guess he did write one, but who does it? The last scene in La Traviata by Angela Gheorghiu is tops for me right now. But only after having seen the whole opera. Addio del passato is so beautiful- always make me cry- and it should not be seen or heard without the context of the whole opera. If I can be so bold, it approaches in my mind the sin of premarital relations–at least as far as musical sin goes.

But then there is the wonderful Cecilia Bartoli! “Live in Rome” is a must get DVD. She is utterly amazing- tops today. But her major fault in that performance is that she chose to sing no Liszt… sad. Well, as they say, who but the Blessed Virgin among women is faultless.


May 21, 2007 - Posted by | Music


  1. Words like “dude” banalize your paeon to Lizst, who ranks with the likes of Bruckner, Wagner, Scott Joplin, et al. He certaintly, after Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and Messian, was a grand conductor.

    Comment by DvH | May 22, 2007

  2. oooooo Lizst… You forgot to mention that he was basically a rock star in his early years but later became a Catholic priest. But seriously… who in their right mind would record all his piano music? That’s just ridiculous.

    I have yet to get a copy of Dante or Via Crucis. The last time I heard Dante was in the car in 2003 when you were telling about the fornicators burning in hell and your mom said it was disgusting. ahahaha

    Comment by Robin | May 22, 2007

  3. You’re greater than Liszt Credo! Seriously!!!

    Comment by DvH | May 22, 2007

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