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Debating the Eucharist with Non-believers

The Fathers of the Church had something to say about discussing the Mysterium fidei with non-believers — DON’T DO IT!! Such a mystery, that God the Son presents himself to the Father in the Eucharist sacrificially can only be understood and appreciated with the eyes of faith. This is the most intimate of mysteries wherein Christ gives himself to us to eat and drink and offers himself to the Father for the forgiveness of many. This intimacy is likened to the conjugal love of a specific man and his wife which should not be discussed or argued about publicly. They thought that there was a certain profanation of the holy by arguing about the Mysterium fidei.
Now at that time, you were either Christian (Catholic) or not. There were no “Christian” denominations that held to their own beliefs in contradistinction to and open opposition to the Church- at least in the modern sense. (Certainly there were many schismatic groups, but they were never considered Christian by the Church- nowadays the leadership seems to recognize that Protestants are in some way Christian, at least in virtue of baptism- even if they deny Dogma associated with the Church’s sacraments.) So the question arises- Ought we Catholics participate in conversations about the legitimacy of the doctrine of Transubstantiation with non-Catholics? at least, with obviously close-minded non-Catholics who only wish to destroy or mock this fundamental doctrine of the Christian religion? Should we be open to discussing it only with those who seem to be very honestly seeking and who seem to just want a simple justification that will break down an intellectual barrier?


May 20, 2007 - Posted by | Religion


  1. I know that I might not be Catholic now if some very good apologists hadn’t written in defense of the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist. But if I’m talking with a non-Christian who shows no respect for the Blessed Sacrament (or the Blessed Mother) it’s over. If they have honest questions it’s one thing. If they’re sitting there committing blasphemy, then my prayers will probably do them much more good than my arguments.

    Comment by Robin | May 22, 2007

  2. Interesting point, Credo. Sister Mary Martha blogged on something along the same lines.
    Hmmm…..If I get time later, I think I may put a blurb about it on my blog.

    Comment by bethalice | June 3, 2007

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