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Pro-Death “Catholic” Politicians and the American Experiment

According to 18 Pro-Death Catholic politicians in America, the fact of “automatic excommunication” for Catholic politicians who support abortion “offend(s) the very nature of the American experiment and do(es) a great disservice to the centuries of good work the church has done.” It seems as though Americanism is the one true religion. This Religion of Tolerance for everything except Truth, at least exclusive Truth (at least that’s my truth…hmm), cannot stand for a Dogmatic principle other than its own. What is a Catholic doing talking about offending the very nature of the American experiment? How about offending the very nature of the Gospel? the Church? of Life? of God? and, dammit, my common sense? This worship of the American Way, from my own observations, has been a major reason for the decline in the liturgy and discipline of Christ’s Church. It should be noted that the good ol’ US of A is not the only location of a suffering Church body. Many other parts of the world, especially Europe, have seen the same decline.

So how can this be an American problem? Well, it is not really, because the religion of “Americanism” is not bound to our borders here in the states. It has become an international phenomenon with the exporting of American style democracy (with its blatant materialism, subjectivism, and moral relativism) all over the world. According to Dr. John Rao, Americanism is no longer associated with America; it is a religious idea that can be transported over physical boundaries. So if you do not like the “physical USA” you can go somewhere else and still have Americanism since it has become a religion to be spread over the entire world. How many times have we heard America called a “city set on a hill” or a “light to the world” by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Michael Reagan? There is an eschatology in that statement that was birthed in the Reformation, came to adolescence in the Enlightenment, and is now on the brink of Manhood. In the strength of its raging hormones, this new religion has finally asserted its power over the Church and declared, infallibly for most people, including Catholics, that the Church’s place is not in the public square, but in very private quarters. It has no authority over people and has no right to allegiance from anyone if the Church contradicts or has conflicting policies with the American religion. This eschatology has man coming of age and into true liberty without the Catholic Church as Mother to lead, guide and nurture to God. It is diametrically opposed to Catholic Christianity (as is Protestant “Christianity” which refuses to acknowledge the Church as it Mother) and must be intellectually and spiritually warred against. The Holy Father has recently and often since made this same case against the Secularism of the world which sets itself against the Church and therefore against Christ.

No, the City on the Hill is the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, with St. Peter on the Throne. The fact that Pro-Death Catholics oppose automatic excommunications and the Church’s involvement in public life “offends the very nature of the Christian religion.”


May 18, 2007 - Posted by | Politics, Religion

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  1. Amen. It’s ridiculous… In the revolutionary fervor to get rid of all religion people just switch to the rationalist/americanist/naturalist faith. At least under the ‘old superstitions’ God was greater than we are, now in the new superstitions God is simply fashioned in our own image.

    Comment by Robin | May 19, 2007

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